Our Mission

Empower Policyholders
Inform Policymakers
Promote​ Change

For the last 50 years, no one has represented the policyholders in Utah. Unfavorable laws have been passed that hurt the policyholders. Harmful policies have been sold to Utahns giving them false hope of protection. Then, upon filing a claim many find out later they weren't just sold a bad policy, they were sold out all together. 
Utah Policyholder Initiative (UPHI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to policyholder awareness and protection. We strive to make a fair insurance environment with honest settlement practices. We put out regular articles about the current insurance environment. We give the policyholder a voice so that they are not forgotten and that the promises that are made to them are kept. 

The Utah Policyholder Initiative was established to have unbiased professionals involved in insurance. We give substantive answers and real-world application for proposed laws and legislation. We give guidance and make recommendations for legislators to consider. We collaborate with the Utah Department of Insurance to make them aware of arising policyholder issues. We work with news media to bring awareness to the public so that policyholders have the tools and resources they need to protect themselves and make informed decisions.